Specimen Collection

One of the most critical factors of clinical laboratory testing and a physician's diagnosis is proper sample collection of testing samples. A brief description of standard procedures that should be followed is given below.

Blood, Plasma, Serum

•   Identify the patient
•   Check the request form for tests requested, patient information and any special requirements
•   Identify venipuncture site and perform venipuncture using aseptic precautions
•   Collect sample in appropriate container/s (see test list)
•   Label immediately using 2 identifiers
•   Inform Biosytech immediately for sample collection*
•   Some samples may require special storage requirements. Check test list or call the laboratory for more information.

Urine samples
Check if the test requires 24 hour urine sample or a spot collection. For a 24 hour urine sample use the following procedure.
•   Advise the patient to drink normal amounts of water during the collection period and avoid alcohol.
•   The collected urine sample in the container should be stored in the refrigerator – not at room temperature.
•   Ask the patient to discard the first urine sample in the morning and note the time.
•   All urine passed following this should be collected until the next morning, same time.
•   At the laboratory measure the total quantity of urine and note on the request form.
•   Transfer 30 ml urine to aliquot supplied by Biosytech and inform the laboratory

For 24 hour samples follow this procedure.
•   Weigh the stool sample ( deduct the weight of the container from the full sample collection weight).
•   Note the weight on the request form.
•   Transfer about 10 g portion into a 30 ml stool sample container provided by Biosytech.

For any information about sample collection and transport call our operations department
at + 971 4 3988567

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