Medical Supplies

Sampling and transport material is available free of charge from Biosytech. See below for list of collection material available. Please order in advance by calling + 971 4 3988567 or use the entry form below to order online.

Plain vacutainer tubes
EDTA vacutainer tubes
ESR tubes
Citrate vacutainer tubes
Urine aliquots
Stool container
Pap smear kit
Culture swabs with media
Culture swabs without media
24 hour urine containers
50 g glucose for GTT
75 g glucose for GTT
100 g glucose for GTT
Plastic biohazard pouches
Requisition forms - general
Requisition forms - pap smear
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Authorized person
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Our Mission

Provide reliable, timely and informative laboratory services to healthcare providers in our community

Continually develop efficient, comprehensive and innovative processes to provide laboratory services that exceed the expectation of our clients.